API Stone is pleased to have been involved in many prestigious developments, here is a quick tour of some of our higher end projects. Whilst we are just as happy with smaller orders and want all our customers to feel cared for the following is a snapshot of our higher echelon specialisation in natural stone supply and project consultation to both the super prime real estate sector and commercial builds.

Feel free to call and ask for specific schemes which would be closest to your own project aims, or to ask us for more details than you find here.

Great Scotland Yard

API Portland

Godiva Place

Student Living
API St Bees

City Block

Student Living
API Beige

The Bishops Avenue

Private Residential
API Laguna

Harrogate Premier Inn

API Beige

Wilmslow Private Residence

Private Residential
API Beige

Barnsley Sixth Form College

API Laguna Limestone

Hale Private Residence

Private Residential
API Vein

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