API Stone Ltd have the facilities, experience and knowledge to support entire projects from procurement stage right through to finish. This could include anything from costings (see below) to general advice. Amongst other things we are able to work closely with our customers to design appropriate delivery schedules, suitable products and advise on application.


We have a number of experienced personnel who are able to calculate the costings for natural stone on projects, straight from architectural drawings。 This saves our customers both time and hassle by eliminating a whole process from the planning stage。 Combined with our project management capabilities API Stone Ltd are able to supply products as a full package, with a personal service。


API Stone Ltd have a highly skilled team of masons and regional masonry partners throughout the UK, turning design flair into reality。 Our wide range of products can be entirely customised to suit the requirements of each individual construction project。 Some of our services include:


香港开奖结果2019+开奖结果Whether your requirement is for a 30mm rain screen or 100mm on bed ashlar, API Stone can accommodate any requirements you have. With us already working alongside some of the major cladding and façade companies in Europe and the UK, stone cladding is quickly becoming a prominent part of the API Stone product range.


API Stone Ltd can reproduce designs and lettering onto natural stone using a variety of methods and mediums including; sandblasting, rebating and water jet cutting to accept stainless steel, resin and contrasting coloured granite inlay. Any design or logo can be accommodated.

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